Environment Management Group

APCPL abide by its moral responsibility for maintaining a green and clean environment for all of its employees, nearby villagers, contracting agencies and all stakeholders. Before the inception of Project activities, an Environment Impact Assessment study was conducted by APCPL in 2006-07 through M/s. MANTECH Consultants (P) Ltd., New Delhi, with the primary objective of determination of pre-project environmental status of the area by establishing baseline data and to predict expected impacts on area around the project. Major environmental aspects considered under this study include geology, soil, hydrology, meteorology, land use and water use, surface and ground water quality, air quality, sediments, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, demography and socio-economic and noise level etc. at plant site and in its surrounding area.

APCPL is generating power with minimal effect to environment. Conserving precious water by treating and reusing effluent water, rain water harvesting, putting Ash and Bio-degradable waste to productive use and developing resources for flora and fauna around the plant to grow and flourish, APCPL is an excellent example of sustainable development.