Corporate Social Responsibility is intertwined with the core philosophy of APCPL committed towards sustainable development. APCPL adopts the global practice of addressing CSR issues in an integrated multi stakeholder approach covering the environmental and social aspects. IGSTPP is located in a remote rural area which is socio-economically backward and deficient in the basic civic amenities. APCPL, as a responsible corporate citizen has been addressing continuously the issue of community development in the neighbourhood area of its station, which had been impacted due to establishment of the project. The social concerns of APCPL include: R&R, Community Development, health, education, gender equality, national calamity, special focus on marginalized sections during requirement etc. APCPL has expanded its horizon and social vision to make its impact felt at all levels by addressing the niche domains of socio-economic issues at national level. As a responsible corporate citizen, APCPL has under taken a panorama of activities towards community development.


APCPL has taken following initiatives towards their Corporate Social Responsibilities:

  1. 1.  Education
  2. 2.  Medical/Health & Sanitation Services
  3. 3.  Rural Sports & Culture
  4. 4.  Social Awareness And Development
  5. 5.  Development And Augmentation of Infrastructure
  6. 6.  Skill Development
  7. 7.  Plantation Activities